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Robotic Education Blog How did Futurama’s Robot Unicorn Attack work?

How did Futurama’s Robot Unicorn Attack work?

Robots are always on the move, but in this episode, it was Futuramancers that took a few minutes to escape their spaceship.

This week, the show revisits its Robot Unicorn attack, which left a robot stranded in a giant glass bottle, only to find itself on a very different planet than it first imagined.

What happened to the Robot Unicorn?

The episode, entitled “Futuramancer: Robot Unicorn Attacks” features the Robot Unicorns, a robot and its human friend, on a desert planet.

The robot is being chased by a spaceship.

When the robot is distracted, its human companion gets distracted too.

Eventually, the robot gets stuck on the planet and ends up in the bottle.

The episode ends with the Robot and its friend trapped inside the bottle, but there’s a catch.

The human is trapped in a robot that is trapped inside a robot.

So the Robot is being trapped in two robots, one robot and one robot.

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