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Robots clipart robots to deliver goods

Robots cliparts robots to delivery goods, with the promise of a reduction in labor costs and lower carbon emissions.

In 2017, China will overtake the United States to become the world’s largest robot producer, with nearly 2,500 robot jobs in its construction industry alone.

“This is a win-win for workers and for society,” said Xu Jia, China’s robotics chief, who led the announcement.

The deal also includes a pledge to double the number of robot factories by 2020.

According to the Xinhua news agency, the robot maker is also setting up a fund to create jobs in the construction industry for the first time in Chinese history.

Xi Jinping, China, also announced that it would cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 5 percent on average over the next three years, a goal that was reached during his state visit to Japan in June.

Chinese cities are also being targeted by robotics, with Shanghai recently announced a plan to have 100,000 robots and robots-powered bicycles installed by 2020 in the city’s public transport system.

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