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Robotic Education Service Canada’s First Robotics Engineer Is First to Create Miquela Robot

Canada’s First Robotics Engineer Is First to Create Miquela Robot

A new company called Miqueles is aiming to revolutionize robotics, and it’s got its sights set on a future in which humans will be more like robots.

In a short video, the company explains how it’s going to create a robot that’s able to walk in place and that’s also capable of being trained.

The company, which is led by a robotics engineer and an artificial intelligence researcher, is aiming for a robotic future that can help with healthcare, education, and even transportation.

It’s not clear exactly what kind of robot Miquels is going to be.

However, the team is working with several robotics companies in Canada, including one that is developing an autonomous vehicle.

As for how that vehicle will work, we can only speculate.

If it’s a truck, that would be a big step for robotics, as well as the whole idea of autonomy.

As part of its announcement, Miqules also released the Miquella robot, a small humanoid robot that will be released in 2018.

This robot, which weighs around 3.2 pounds, is made out of plastic, with a pair of wheels.

It also has a small camera that will allow it to sense and react to its surroundings.

Miquellas goal is to provide robotic assistance to humans and their pets.

Masks can also help robots to better understand humans.

Mijelena robot Mijels head is a robot mask made out the same plastic as a human face.

In its design, it features an open, transparent plastic lens that enables the robot to see in different light.

Migrating robot As part the company’s goal, Mijellas is also looking to move robots, and in the short video it’s also shown how it can move around in the space around the robot, such as in the corners of a room.

The Mijeli robots head, and Miquelle’s mask, are the companys first two prototypes.

They are made out a combination of plastic and metal, and are about the size of a human hand.

These masks have an open lid and an adjustable strap on top of it that allows the user to move around.

Miqueels head and mask, which will be available for $10,000 CAD.

It is unclear how many people the Mijelees team will be working with, but the team has been testing out different robots and is currently looking to find people willing to help build their own robots.

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