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Pokemon Go is the most addictive game in the world

A video game called Pokemon Go, popularly known as the augmented reality game Pokémon Go, has become the most popular video game in America, with millions of users logging onto the app to play.

But how does it actually work?

The game, which is based on the Japanese Pokémon franchise, uses GPS technology to track players’ location and movements.

This is a huge deal, because it means it’s possible to go from point A to point B in under five minutes, without ever leaving your own home.

The app also lets users explore virtual landscapes, including a huge, open-world Pokemon forest.

But, as we’ve reported previously, the app also requires players to pay in-app purchases to access the features, which are only available to players in the US.

As for the app itself, its popularity is growing.

The app has been downloaded by almost 3 million users and has more than 50 million downloads, according to Google analytics, making it the most downloaded game in history.

So how do we know it’s addictive?

The first clue is in how people use the app.

When people play it, they will scan their surroundings for Pokemon.

When they spot one, they are encouraged to move forward to the next area to capture a Pokemon.

The game is also a good source of news.

It can help keep people up to date on the latest news and information.

For instance, the game also shows the location of people’s mobile phones, as well as the time and weather conditions, so people know when it’s time to head out to the city.

The real catch is that Pokemon Go doesn’t necessarily provide a true sense of location.

It doesn’t really tell you what you’re in the vicinity of.

Instead, it simply tells you where you are at any given moment, and the app then updates your location accordingly.

For instance, if you’re walking to your local Starbucks, the Pokémon app will update your location to show you on the ground at the same Starbucks.

But what’s the real purpose of the app?

According to a study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Pokemon Go’s main purpose is to make players feel good about themselves.

“While some might think of it as a game to get players to spend more money, this perception is misleading because the real goal of this game is not to be an economic game, but to boost people’s sense of self-worth,” the study stated.

“The real purpose, however, is to encourage people to engage in activities they enjoy, like physical exercise, outdoor adventure, and sports,” it added.

The researchers concluded that this purpose may be “more relevant to young adults, adolescents, and adults who have less financial resources.”

So what do you think?

Is Pokemon Go addictive?

Is it worth spending real money on?

Let us know in the comments below.

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