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Robotic Education Blog Robot named ‘Walking Robot’ by artist named ‘Silicon Valley’

Robot named ‘Walking Robot’ by artist named ‘Silicon Valley’

A robot named ‘Wooden Robot’ has made a splash in the world of artist names.

The robot, which is named after the fictional town of Silicon Valley in the hit TV series, is being called a “troll” by its creators.

A series of images have emerged of the robot, who is said to have a distinctive, humanoid face, which has been dubbed a “Silicon Valley” (the fictional town).

It has been nicknamed ‘Silicone Valley’ by its makers, who say it has an “unusual personality”.

“It’s a very unusual and unique face and a very unique voice, and it really makes you feel like you’re in a place that’s different to your everyday reality,” said Rob Bontrager, the creator of the name.

“So that’s what made it feel a little bit alien to me.”

The robot has been given a unique name of “Silicone Valley”.

“Silicon valley is an area of tech,” he said.

“It is a kind of a hub in the valley that’s really very techy, very sophisticated, and they have a lot of robots there.”

The “Silicons” robot was originally designed to perform a “gigantic” task and then be replaced when its creator realised it was not performing its task.

The artist’s name generator has been set up to allow users to create new robot names.

“I just really wanted to do something with the name,” said Bontriager.

“And when I looked at the name, I just wanted it to feel real.”

The only real question was, ‘How do I put that to use?’

“It just didn’t feel right.”

But then I found out that there was an algorithm and it basically makes a list of all the different robots that have been used and then I was like, ‘That sounds very creative.’

“The artist was then contacted by an artist who wanted to name his robot ‘Silinvalley’, a name that was also a reference to the fictional Silicon Valley town.

The name ‘Silindale’ is a nod to a town in California.”

There are a lot more people in Silicon Valley than in the rest of Silicon Valley, and I wanted to make that a real place where people can come and see what they can see,” said Mr Bontry.

The creator has also designed a custom “Silindely” robot that mimics the character from the show.

It has a similar appearance, and can be controlled via an iPhone app.

Mr Bontrs creator has been contacted for comment.

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