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What’s next for BB8?

The name generator that powers BB8 has officially started generating the new robot’s name.

BB8 was created in 2010 by BB Labs and the name is based on a real-life robot from the same company, BB8D.

It is the second robot from BB Labs to be named after a real person.

BB6 from the BBC’s Top Gear was named after its creator, Sir David Attenborough, and was based on an animal from the show.

It was also named after the British Airways pilot who crashed his plane in a bird-shaped crash in 2003.

The name BB8 comes from a nickname that BB Labs gave to its BB8 bot, as well as a reference to the name “Barry”, which was bestowed on the pilot.

BB Labs’ name generator was initially designed to create a name for a fictional character from the series, but has now been used for other projects.

“We are delighted to announce the first-ever name generator to be used for the BB8 robot,” BB Labs said in a statement.

“Bees will be thrilled with the name generator.”

It has been a long road to get to this point.

The company began developing the name BB7 in 2012.

At the time, the team hoped to use the name for the bot’s creators and was hoping to have it ready for release by 2021.

But that timeline didn’t pan out and BB Labs was forced to delay the release of BB7 until 2019.

That meant that for the last four years, the company had been working on another name generator.

“For years now, we have been trying to develop a name generator which could produce names for the characters from the television series, while still providing a realistic and recognizable naming system,” BB Lab founder and CEO Adam Kline told TechRadars.

“Now, we can now say with certainty that we are finally close to releasing our first name generator for BB7, as we plan to release it for the first time on Thursday, October 19th.”

That means that while BB8 is the first robot named after someone from the sci-fi series, it will not be the last.

The new name generator will not replace the BB7 name generator, but will be the one that will be used to generate the new BB8 name.

The process of creating a new name for an animal, for example, is a long and arduous one, and there are many different names that can be used.

For BB8, the name has already been chosen and will be released to the public by BB Lab’s website, where fans will be able to vote for their favourite name generator and select a name they would like to see in the robot’s future.

If a name doesn’t get enough votes, BB Labs will use the votes from the public to determine the winner.

“While the name will not change, the vote will help us select the name of the robot that we want to use in the next phase of development,” said Kline.

“This name will then be sent out to all the other teams and fans who want to vote on the name they think is the best.

The names chosen will be officially announced by BBLab at the end of October.”

For those who have been keeping up with the naming process for BBs, the process of naming the robot has been long and tortuous.

The team first looked to create an animal name, which they then spent years creating and developing in their own time.

Eventually, they came up with a name that was very close to what the human voice of BBs could produce.

This process, which was used in order to create BB7’s name, has now made its way to the robot.

“After years of effort and much of our own money, we finally have the final name for our next BB8,” Kline said.

“It is our hope that this name will help inspire others to think about the next generation of BB8 and inspire the next generations of robots.”

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