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Robotic Education Blog Rob the robot streaming: The BBC is hosting the Robot Carnival festival in London

Rob the robot streaming: The BBC is hosting the Robot Carnival festival in London

Google is hosting a robotic carnival in London next week, with the BBC making the event a global event, and it’s going to be streamed live to millions of people around the world.

The event, Robot Carnival, takes place from October 24-28.

The event will feature more than 20 robot, video game, TV and film themed events, including robot races, robot comedy shows, live comedy, live music, a DJ booth, a live orchestra and much more.

Google is running a robot carnival across the UK to celebrate the robots and video games of tomorrow.

The company is planning a live stream on the official BBC Robots website, with more details to come.

It will be streamed by, and you can watch it live by visiting the Robots site on your favourite video game console.

The Robots event will run from October 23-28, with all participating events taking place on the BBC Interactive Media Centre at the Olympic Park.

The robots are a popular theme in Google’s online advertising and Google has also teamed up with the robots company Robotix, which is responsible for the robots at the Games.

The events will be livestreamed and uploaded by robots on Google’s official Robots site.

The Robot Carnival event will be a big boost for Google in the UK, with Google expected to sell a further $1bn worth of advertising to publishers across the world, with ads showing up in the ads of more than 1,200 brands.

Google has also partnered with other UK technology companies, including IBM and Cisco.

Google also owns a stake in the BBC, with Rupert Murdoch owning The Times.

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