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Robotic Education Blog Manfred Neumann and Sonnenfeldt take over the soft robotics team

Manfred Neumann and Sonnenfeldt take over the soft robotics team

Manfred and Sonnenberg will take over as the new head of the soft robots department in Italy.

It will be Sonnenbaum’s first time in the role.

Sonnenfelds job will consist of developing and building soft robots for the national team and will also be the first time a German head of robotics has been brought in to oversee the soft robot industry. 

The new job is part of a trend in which European teams are taking on the task of developing robots for use in sport and in other fields. 

It will be the second time a former German national team head has taken on a soft robotics role. 

In 2012, Hans-Dieter Schmid took over as head of soft robotics at the German national football team. 

Schmid was previously the head of the Dortmund football team.

The new hire will have the opportunity to help lead the development of the soft robotics department, which will be led by former Dortmund technical director Andreas Klötsch. 

“I am delighted to be joining the Soft Robotics department,” Sonnenbach said in a statement. 

Sonnenbach, who was the director of the Soft robotics division at the Darmstadt German football club, will have an opportunity to develop and build a variety of soft robots including some from the new German national soft robotics department. 

This is a big step for the soft robo-sports industry in Germany. 

With the Soft Robotics Department, the new Germany team will be developing the softest robots in the world, Sonnenbaeck added. 

Dermot Stander, the chief executive of German soft robotics company Dermot Stander, has previously worked with Sonnen and Klötchen, and was also the director at Dortmund. 

More: Sonnenberg, who has been the head coach of the Bayern Munich and Hamburg teams, is in charge of the team’s soft robotics program. 

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