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Robotic Education Service The world’s coolest robotic vacuum cleaner robot could go viral in just 30 seconds

The world’s coolest robotic vacuum cleaner robot could go viral in just 30 seconds

It might sound like an unlikely thing to do, but the world’s biggest robot vacuum cleaner could be the subject of a viral GIF by its creators.

Invented by a couple of Canadian men, the Neato robot vacuums homes by opening a hatch to the inside of a home and then taking out a vacuum that is then put inside a large metal box.

It’s the first time that a vacuum cleaner has been the subject in such a way, and it could be a big hit.

According to the creators of the robot, it could even become a popular toy, a move that could help to increase the number of robots in homes.

Neato has already been downloaded nearly 3.4 million times and has become a hit with thousands of its users uploading videos and pictures of their vacuuming adventures to YouTube.

The creators of Neato said the robot was inspired by a pair of Canadian roommates who shared a home.

In the video, the pair explain that the two men needed to vacuum their apartment on their own.

They decided to build a robot to do it.

A couple of days later, the two began to get bored and decided to take the vacuum cleaner out of their home and have fun.

In this video, you can see the vacuum in action.

The two roommates have now been sharing the robot’s videos on YouTube with their 4.7 million subscribers.

And, the number one video they’ve uploaded is of the Neats being knocked over and the vacuum being kicked off its hinges.

According a Neato spokesperson, the robot is currently in the final stages of testing in Montreal and is expected to become available to consumers in about two weeks.

It could be that the Neat could become the world record holder for most video submissions in one day.

But, as it turns out, it’s not just a cute video.

In fact, the video’s creators have even released a video explaining how the Neator can make the most of its capabilities.

And the company is confident that this video could be viral enough to make a real difference.

It just took the right combination of good and bad luck to make it viral and the Neatos success is thanks to the combination of both.

It all starts with the two Canadian roommators.

The videos the duo have posted so far have been so successful that they’ve been picked up by a lot of other creators.

And this isn’t the first viral video that the pair has shared with their millions of subscribers.

In February, the couple posted a video of a vacuum being vacuumed off a couch in a home that was also the subject for a video.

And last month, a group of young Canadians shared a video that featured a robot vacuum that had been knocked over by an unsuspecting passerby.

The duo has since made videos about the two videos and the couple’s success.

So, there’s no doubt that the video was viral enough that the Canadian roommate and the two Canadians who made it have been picked apart by many.

However, it didn’t stop there.

The pair have also made videos that show off their vacuum cleaning skills.

And on Monday, the duo shared another viral video about their vacuto, this time in an interview with CNN.

As you can clearly see in the video above, the brothers and sisters of the world have taken the robot apart to learn more about it.

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