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Uber launches ‘Big Data’ service for robots

Uber, the world’s biggest car service, is rolling out a new feature that will allow drivers to automatically send out and collect data on the whereabouts of passengers and drivers, according to a post on the company’s website.

The feature will be rolled out on select models in the United States and Europe, and in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The system will allow users to collect real-time location information from Uber’s mobile app, according the company.

Users can search the map for a specific location, such as a hotel, restaurant, grocery store, airport or bus station, and send a vehicle’s location to Uber to be analyzed and analyzed, the company said in a blog post.

Drivers can also use this feature to send their location to other vehicles.

The app will allow customers to share location information with other drivers or their friends.

Driving with Uber is the first time the company has introduced this feature, which was originally introduced in the US last year.

The company is currently testing the feature in the UK and Australia, but is not yet rolling it out to all drivers in the region.

The company said that drivers can upload their own data and then have the data aggregated to create a dashboard that will be used to analyze their data.

Driards can also view their driving history from the dashboard, which shows where and when they have driven, the blog post said.

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