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Robotic Education Contact us How to build a robot that can tell the difference between real and fake news

How to build a robot that can tell the difference between real and fake news

The world’s biggest robot can tell you whether it is real or not by just looking at you.

Robots can now make sense of things in a way that was previously impossible.

And some scientists believe that we will be able to do better.

Robot researchers at MIT and Carnegie Mellon University have developed a system that can do this in the future.

The technology uses a special chip that can recognize if a computer has been programmed to do something.

It uses a combination of software and hardware to do this.

For example, if a robot takes a picture of you and tells you it is a picture, it is likely to be a computer generated image.

If a robot says that it is not a picture it means that the software and data has not been altered to make the picture a real picture.

If you see a picture on your computer screen, it may not be a real one, but it is probably a computer picture.

The chip can tell this difference by comparing a picture to the one it is programmed to generate.

So if you have programmed the chip to generate a picture that looks like you, it will tell you the difference.

The researchers say the chip can generate different images for different people depending on what they are wearing.

So the chip would generate a computer image that looks different to you if you are wearing a T-shirt with the word “babe” on it, but a different image if you wear a Tshirt that says “bachelor.”

The chip also has other ways to distinguish between different types of images.

The chip can distinguish between images of faces and objects like trees.

It can detect if a person is wearing a mask or a hat.

The system can also tell the user whether they are being asked for their phone number or address.

And the chip also can distinguish faces from objects like hats and sunglasses.

Robotics are now used in everything from driving cars to military vehicles, and researchers say they will be useful in many different fields in the not too distant future.

In addition to the computer image recognition, the system also uses machine learning to recognize faces from facial expressions and how they move.

So, for example, you might see a robot in a barbershop telling you that the guy next to you is wearing an eye mask.

If you are looking at the face of a man who has the eye mask on, the robot will recognize that as the face and will show you an image of that man, and this could help you find a place to sit down or if you want to go to the restroom.

The device has the potential to help the world’s economy grow.

But, the team acknowledges that it could be even more valuable to the environment, especially if you think about what it could do to the planet and its atmosphere.

This article is based on an interview that aired on PRI’s Science Friday with Ira Flatow.

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